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About Us

Airdrie Trailer Sales Ltd. was established in 1980 and is owned solely by Ron and Karen Giles. Our business is based on trailer sales from manufacturers such as Sundowner, Trails West, Hart, and Diamond C, and is sustained by our complete cycle of service. 
From your first call or visit to seasonal maintenance and repairs, Airdrie Trailer Sales Ltd. is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of Customer satisfaction.   
With the responsibility to live up to the challenges of providing personalized service to each customer that comes in our yard, on our lot and through our doors; we are committed having the best team in the trailer business.

For the first 5 years of operation, Airdrie Trailer Sales Ltd. flourished with Ron and Karen and two additional employees. They sold Sundowner and Trav-a-long trailers, which were both imported from the United States.

In 1985 aluminum trailers were built and marketed; however, they were more costly to buy and with the high exchange rate and the cost of freight and duty at the time, Ron and Karen decided to manufacture their own trailers. Their trailers were of excellent quality, but this made them more costly to build, so eventually Ron and Karen stopped manufacturing trailers and Airdrie Trailer Sales closed its doors.

A few years passed, then in 1991 Ron and Karen decided to get back into the trailer business. They began researching various manufacturers and eventually purchased six Sundowner trailers that arrived in March of 1992. To offer more variety to their customers, they brought in other line of stock trailers Titan and the GoldStar line of flatbed trailers.

Over the next several years our lineup has grown and evolved to meet our customers' needs and presently Airdrie Trailer Sales Ltd. are dealers for Sundowner, Trails West, Diamond-C and Hart trailers. These trailers offer a diverse selection of quality products to our customers for all their different hauling needs, something that is critical to our ongoing success. 

Since 1992, Airdrie Trailer Sales Ltd. has grown rapidly and have continued to meet our customers needs and expectations by providing high quality products and top-notch services. In 1994, we became and continue to be a million dollar dealer for the Sundowner Trailer Company and our service department has grown into its own building with 25 bays and the largest stock of parts inventory in Canada. We also have a full fleet of rental trailers for those that only need a trailer for a short while. 
We continue to strive to offer our customers the best products and services in the Trailer Business. 

Some people say "If it isn't broken don't fix it"...fortunately, none of those people are associated with us!

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