Friends and Family sale on now!                                    Friends and Family sale on now!                                   Friends and Family sale on now!     

Welcome to our Friends and Family Sale! 

Come on in..Don't be shy!

IAirdrie Trailer Sales Show room

We treat as everyone who comes through our doors as part of the family so you can be sure this sale is for you!

Don't sit at home because you can’t take your things where you need to go. 
Having a trailer means you can take your equipment to work,
take your cows to pasture,or take your toys to where all the fun is. 
At Airdrie Trailer Sales we understand that you have places you need to go,
and you want to arrive in comfort and style.

In August every trailer on the lot will be on sale.
We have 350 trailers from six TOP manufacturers, in stock and ready to haul your horses, livestock, cargo,  snowmobiles, cars or equipment.   Whatever your precious cargo Airdrie Trailer Sales will get you hooked up  and heading safely down the road.

Save up to $500.00 off your next trailer purchase